Carrots Do Improve Your Eyesight

It’s another myth that we’ve previously debunked: The cold doesn’t actually make you sick. “Catching a cold” isn’t really a thing, as it’s viruses that make you sick, not the cold. While we still stand by that, we have news for those still getting sick with the cold and flu much more during the winters than other seasons: The frigid weather does have a lot to do with it, even if it’s a virus that causes the sickness. Simply put, it’s complicated.

The cinematic trope of the guy giving his coat to the girl because she’s feeling too cold is probably as old as romantic movies themselves. It’s meant to signal growing trust between the couple, and if we ignore the question of why women in movies always forget to bring appropriate clothing for the weather, it makes for a rather sweet moment.

“Eating a late meal can give you nightmares” sounds like inaccurate advice from that one guy we all know who recently got into fitness and can’t stop talking about it. The timing of the dinner should have no effects on dreams, as dreams aren’t influenced by our diet in any way. It’s something most of us won’t even look up because of how stupid it sounds, though if we did, we’d find that it’s actually pretty good health advice.

If you look into some recent research on the subject, though, you’d find that they aren’t wrong. One study published in Nature Medicine found that exercising releases a protein called irisin, which improves the neural connections between different parts of the brain, as well our memory and thinking skills. Moreover, it also reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia.[4]

A toothache is a pretty infuriating thing to have, which is less because of the pain and more because of the fact that it may necessitate a visit to the dentist, which would potentially involve even more pain. If you’ve ever had it around an old person, you may have heard of the old “bite a garlic clove” technique to relieve the pain. While most of us would have ignored that due to how wrong it sounds, those who actually took their advice would have realized that the old folks weren’t kidding around with that one.

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